Recalibrating the Synaptic Pathways

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Dr. Weeks is an extraordinarily gifted thinker, but sometimes has problems with clogged or imperfectly functioning cognitive processing due to the power load on his cerebral cortex caused by his intense focus on high-level cogitation and his cultivation of advanced calculus matrix reasoning using his Patent-Pending Finger Math Technique.  This means from time to time a carefully controlled jolt of electroluminent energy can help restore crisp mental functioning.  Good thing he works at the Institute, where such technical aids are utilized with care and precision. 

In fact, many of our students rate the access to our technological innovations as one of the chief reason they enjoy attending the Life Studies Institute. But technology never comes first around here—it’s always people. It’s the LIFE Studies Institute, not the TECH Studies Institute! 

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