Hypnotized by power!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Why do powerful government and corporate interests insist that hypnotherapists be licensed in this state? Whom are the fat cats trying to control?  And what are the financial and legal ramifications for the kind of high-caliber hypno-artists the Institute’s H.A. Practitioner program have trained?  Are they to be denied the basic rights that hypnotists have always enjoyed in free societies from the beginnings of professional mesmerism in the Lithuanian highlands to the casual practictioners that help so many on the streets of Winnipeg?

“We’re being unfairly singled out because we represent a challenge to the fraudulent therapeutical power brokers of the competing hypnotherapy programs affiliated with politically connected Westside interests,” says Dr. Kyle Sylmer, who preferred to remain anonymous due to fear of repercussions in the Post Hypnotic Suggestion community.  “Few would deny the status quo is repressive to the more artistically adventurous among the mesmeristic healing movement,” admitted Joyce Schweig, Associate Dean of Hypno-Therapeutical Training at the University of Southern California. “The question is, can they really be regarded as legitimate if they charge based on a sliding scale that slides all the way into the negative numbers, where they’re actually paying their subjects some kind of advance restitution for the potential shock their methods may inflict on the psyches of those with whom they interact?”

The San Fernando Life Studies Institute once again finds itself in the center of this controversy, a position we are used to, given that we do not accept the pronouncements of the controlling entities on face value if they are clearly biased in favor of those who unfairly seek to perpetuate their monopoly despite ample evidence that newer, bolder techniques may be not only more effective, but actually more accurate. The chief problem for the Hypno Artist Practioner Program will be freeing up funds to mount an effective legal defense against the cease and desist order rubber-stamped by a Westside court of appeals, with obvious ties to—you guessed it—Santa Monica’s Proprietory Healers Alliance!

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#1. Posted by Clark Eckersley on January 15, 2009

This is typical of the westside elitists.  I’ve had much the same experience as a Energy Adjustment Professional.  Everybody defending their own territory, instead of just helping people!  Thanks for your insights.





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