Remedial Help

Hi.  Thanks for the courage it took you to admit you need remedial instruction.
You’ve come to the right place.

Everybody needs some extra help now and then. Some more than others, but then again, to be among those who both need help and know they need help means you may not need as much help as those who don’t even know they need it, but actually really do.  So, congratulations on your progress already!

Dr. Weeks at his deskBut when we say progress, we don’t mean it in the sense you’re probably thinking of. You may think of progress as “movement forward.” Not us. Don’t we live in (at least) three dimensional space?  So, isn’t movement in any direction just as “forward” as any other from a larger perspective? Of course.  And we encourage a larger perspective here at the Institute.  If you take the simple first step of enlarging your perspective with regard to progress, you’ll notice you’ve made progress already!  Nicely done.

And even if you think of progress in the narrower sense of “movement towards a goal,” you might still be surprised to consider that no matter where you place this “goal” on, say, a sphere (such as Earth, where you (at least think you) live,) don’t you realize that movement in any direction on a sphere is movement towards this goal?  Think about it!  It may not be the shortest way toward your goal, true—but since we’re all headed for the grave eventually anyway, does the term “shortest way” really have all the allure you may have assigned to it?

But wait a minute.  We realize you likely came to this page because you have difficulty grasping concepts even as basic as the ones outlined above.

We get that.

These concepts of perspective and progress were included mostly because many of you will find yourself returning to this page again and again, and if there were very little here you might begin to despair that we don’t value you as much as those ready to benefit from the institute’s many more advanced offerings. 

We do value you!  In many ways, we value people like you most of all.

So don’t worry—here’s a simple plan of action:

In preparation for your eventual enrollment at the Institute, start by watching our Online Learning Series available in our Transformational Video section. 

The Dynamic Change series is a great place to begin.  If you’re not there already (apparently you aren’t) don’t worry.  You can find it HERE

That is, by clicking back there. You will also find it by clicking HERE, but it will take you longer.  Don’t worry—remember, that’s progress, too!

Dr. Friedrich-Huevos is a caring face in the Remedial Studies Department.


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